The holiday settlement Kibela Royale is located in the town of Balchik near the Black Sea Rama Golf Course. It is designed as a self-contained settlement offering year-round residential amenities – a restaurant, shops, administrative quarters, sports and recreation activities. All facilities are located in the centre of the complex, which take the form of several off-centred ellipses. Parking is at the perimeter of the site leaving maximum space for a public garden in the middle. There are three types of homes. The most luxurious ones are semi-detached one-family houses. The second type are two-storey terraced houses. The third type are apartments in a four-storey residential buildings. The spirit of Greek Island architecture has been sought in the volumetric construction of the project. The round edges of the building together with the window flower stands, the pergolas and the wooden shutters on the windows give the impression of a warm and pleasant architecture.

Client: Britania-Balchik
Program: Holiday Complex
Location: Bulgaria, Balchik
Site area: 26 181 sq.m
Built area: 11 632 sq.m/built up area
27 218 sq.m/spread built up area
Design year: 2007
Completion year: Not specified

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