K Residence is a luxury residential building situated in the historic center of the city, close to the Sea Garden and the Black Sea. The plot is small, situated on a quiet street with minimal vertical displacement. Leading in the architectural design is creating a contemporary building with smart function, elegant and clean design made with quality materials ensuring low maintenance and long life of the building.
K Residence is designed in seven aboveground and one underground level. Urban restrictions determine terrace retreated in the fourth, sixth and seventh floor. Parking spaces are situated in the underground and ground floor, the next six floors are occupied with apartments. The apartments have wide living spaces facing west, east and south. On the second, third and fourth floors there are designed two apartments with an area of 115 to 140 sq m. On the last three floors there is only one apartment per floor with an area of 200 to 240 sq.m. Each of the nine apartments has a parking space or a garage with storage room. The connection between the underground floor, ground floor and the street is provided by a car platform, because of the small build up area. There is an elevator and a staircase connecting the floors.
The architectural design of K Residence is minimalistic with highlighted precision and elegance. The materials on the facade are sought in a plane without undue details and ornaments. There are three materials used - granite, glass and aluminum. The sides of the windows and the bottoms of the terraces are highlighted with dark polished granite contrasting with rugged bright granite. Displacement of body and openings in vertical on different levels makes dynamism on the facades.

Client: Komfort Ltd.
Program: Residential building
Location: Varna, Bulgaria
Build up area: 2 352sq.m
Design year: 2015